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Short for Satoshi, this is the smallest possible unit of bitcoin, equalling 0.00000001 or one-hundred-millionth of a bitcoin. Bitcoin’s creator had already identified this as the smallest possible division of a bitcoin, but it didn’t have a name when they launched the cryptocurrency in early 2009.

In 2010, a Bitcoin Talk user suggested that a hundredth of a bitcoin be called a Satoshi. Eventually, though, he settled on naming the smaller unit after Satoshi.*

Satoshi Converter

1 Satoshi               =0.00000001 BTC

10 Satoshi             =0.00000010 BTC  

100 Satoshi           =0.00000100 BTC

1 000 Satoshi        =0.00001000 BTC

10 000 Satoshi     =0.00010000 BTC

100 000 Satoshi  =0.00100000 BTC

1 million Satoshi   =0.01000000 BTC

10 m Satoshi         =0.10000000 BTC

100 m Satoshi       =1.00000000 BTC

*Source: Coindesk

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