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  • REKT

    The misspelling of "wrecked". In the world of cryptocurrencies, REKT is used when the value of a coin / token drops significantly. As such, it is actually the opposition of "mooning".

  • Cypherpunk

    This term is used to describe activists, who are trying to use a wide range of cryptography and data protection technology to reach social / political changes.

  • Whale/Bitcoin Whale

    This term is mostly used to describe the big players on the cryptocurrency market. 🐳

  • DYOR

    Short for “do your own research,” this is a term is used for reminding people that they should look into something themselves before acting on anything someone else says.

  • "Lambo?"/"When Lambo?"

    The Lamborghini, the Italian sports car, has become a symbol of bitcoin after the news of the early adopter cryptomillioners flooded the mainstream media.

  • Sats

    Short for Satoshi, this is the smallest possible unit of bitcoin, equalling 0.00000001 or one-hundred-millionth of a bitcoin.

  • Nocoiner

    This term is used for crypto-cynical people, who are not willing to think about buying or holding cryptocurrency at all.

  • Mooning

    This term is referring to a price going up astronomical levels; to the Moon. 🌒

  • HODL

    One of the longest standing bitcoin-specific words, hodl is a term meaning to buy and hold cryptocurrency rather than trying to time volatile market conditions.

  • Hyperbitcoinization

    In some ways the ultimate flippening; an event where bitcoin replaces a fiat currency to become the prevailing form of monetary exchange.

  • Bagholder

    In financial circles, a bagholder expression means to be left holding the bag, a term which itself dates to the 18th century, meaning to be swindled.

  • Bearwhale

    A bear is a term for someone who thinks that a market is heading downward, and aims to benefit from that decline by shorting prices.

  • Flippening

    The point at which one cryptocurrency overtakes another in its market capitalization (the total value of all coins in circulation). Originally, it was used to describe ethereum possibly overtaking bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency.

  • FOMO

    FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is flourishing in the cryptocurrency world, but predates it by several years.