When providing a "selfie" photo of your face

Last updated: 25 October 2019

  • Ensure the light is coming from in front of you, not behind you, such that your face is clearly visible without backlighting
  • Look directly into the camera, and position yourself just like in a passport photo; making your shoulders and top of the head visible.
  • Use a simple background, if accessible.
  • Do not wear a hat or sunglasses when taking the self-portrait.
  • If you’re wearing prescription glasses on the documents provided; wear the glasses when taking the self-portrait too. If no prescription glasses are worn on the documents, please make sure not to wear one either when taking the self-portrait.
  • Handwrite the date of the day and the word "CoinCash" on a piece of paper and sign it.
  • Keep your ID card/passport/driver's license and the paper you've written before in your hand while taking the selfie.
  • Be careful not to obscure information in documents.