Book your Airbnb with bitcoin

Book your Airbnb with bitcoin

Barbara Renata Lorincz12 November 2019


If you take advantage of this new opportunity and pay for your Airbnb booking in bitcoin, you will get 3% cashback. Okay, (for the time being) you can't use this payment method directly on Airbnb, but with an application called Fold.

How can I pay by Bitcoin?

Well, the answer to this question is a bit complex. First, you must purchase one or more gift cards. These vouchers are available at Fold for $ 25 or $ 100, after which you get a 3% refund if you pay by bitcoin.

If you're all set, you have nothing else to do, just to spend your vouchers, for example on Airbnb.

Yes, we know, it would be easier just to exchange your coins at the current exchange rate before booking - which we will, of course, help you at any time, wink winks - but if you are committed to cryptocurrencies and believe that these payment systems have a future, those few clicks and the process of booking that cute little cottage in the mountains that you wanted for the weekend is not that big deal.

Launched in July 2019, Fold Kickbacks is backed by big names like Starbucks, Amazon or Uber. However, we have to add that unfortunately, their service is not available everywhere. If you want to use the app right now, you must travel to the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Mexico or Australia.

According to some news, a portion of the $ 2.5 million raised in September is being used to expand their market and benefit from the app in other EU countries.

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