Celebs vs crypto

Celebs vs crypto

Barbara Renata Lorincz25 July 2019

Bitcoin is no longer only for crypto experts and blockchain fans.

Many athletes, actors, singers and politicians talk about it, so it seems to be slowly infiltrating pop culture.

Celebs supporting crypto

Many celebrities have a positive opinion about the very first cryptocurrency. One of the reasons is that at different times they were able to enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin's bull run.

Last year, an American rapper, Soulja Boy, devoted an entire song to boasting of his profits on Bitcoin. From the title of the song, we know immediately what the author meant, which of course, Bitcoin. 😄

Unfortunately, he does not tell us in the song which trading technique he used, but he does say that he bought BTC at $ 6,000 and made $ 100,000 in profits.

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Hugh Laurie, whose name may sound familiar due to his role in the series called House, invested in Bitcoin when one of his close friends drew attention to the cryptocurrency and its benefits. The British actor joined the crypto community in 2015 and bought BTC for $ 5,000 at that time.

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