SOS Children's Villages Foundation is the first in Hungary to accept bitcoin donations with the help of CoinCash

SOS Children's Villages Foundation is the first in Hungary to accept bitcoin donations with the help of CoinCash

Barbara Renata Lorincz27 November 2019

CoinCash provides technical assistance and a free exchange so that for the first time in Hungary, the SOS Children's Villages Foundation can accept bitcoin and ether donations.

Many nonprofit organizations in the world already accept donations in Bitcoin. SOS Children's Villages was the first in Hungary to also vote for cryptocurrency and innovation, opening up a new layer of donors.

Why donate in bitcoin?

If you are an avid virtual currency fan, you are not expecting an answer to this question.

However, if you have not yet received the crypto-fever, I will now present the benefits of donating by crypto and blockchain technology.

Have you ever wanted to donate anonymously?

Yes, yes, when you make a bank transfer, your name will appear on the organization's account as well as the exact amount you transferred.

Here comes the eternal dilemma: How much should I donate? Is this too much or too little? Anyway, I read a study that says 2% of my salary is something I can donate every month with confidence - you think to yourself.

Bitcoin donation provides the solution. Your name will not be revealed if you don't want it, so the pressure will disappear. Not to mention how much work it can take off of the organisation's shoulder. Phone calls, greetings and newsletters consume a lot of working hours. In this way, they can devote more energy to improve the childhood of SOS villagers, thus providing more opportunities for them to become a well-balanced adult.

Besides, Bitcoin donation also provides a degree of transparency. Organizations' bank accounts are usually not public, so if you are interested in how a project fund is being collected, you can't go behind the scenes.

The situation is different with Bitcoin and Ether donations. Since SOS Children's Villages will use only one Bitcoin and an Ethereum address, the Blockchain will allow you to see where the balance is at any time.

We, the CoinCash team, are excited to take part in this initiative.

We are confident that in the future charitable donations will become a new, everyday use in the world of cryptocurrencies and we are eager to see this form of fundraising spill over into the lives of all European nonprofit organizations.

If you would like to donate the Bitcoin or Ether you purchased, click HERE.